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Lower and Upper Primary dance teams

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Uncategorized


Congratulations to our Lower and Upper Primary dance teams for winning the second and the first prize respectively!

A special congratulations to our dance teachers, Ms U and Ms Lei for leading us in winning the two creative awards of the lower and upper primary teams!

MAC is so proud of you!
To God be the glory!


Group A : Little rabbits
Awards : Creative award and the second prize
Choreographer : Ms U Chio Pui
Instructors : Ms U Chio Pui and Lei Zi Wa
Students: P1A : Chloe, Emma
                  P1B : Eunice, Miga, Charlotte
                  P1 C: Angelina,  Shilan, Nathania
                  P1D : Yeriel
                  P2A : Kalia, Helena, Esmee, Christina
                  P2B : Asher
                  P2D : Jasmine, Kalianne, Chantelle, Sylvie, Haley, Ning Ning
                  P3A : Gabriella
                  P3C : Hannah, Annie, Layla
                  P3D : Ruth, Rachel
Introduction: The story tells the growth of the little rabbits and they have learnt to
                        share the things among themselves.
Group B : Carp leaping at the gate of the dragon
Awards : Creative award and the 1st prize
Choreographer: Ms U Chio Pui
Instructors: Ms U Chio Pui  and Lei Zi Wa
Students : P4A: Davena
                   P4B: Alice
                   P4C: Bianca, Holly
                   P4D: Denize, Jade
                    P5A: Melissa, Hestia, Tracy
                    P5C: Scarlett
                    P5D: Liana, Carlee, Angel, Rachel, Valerie
                    P6A: Rebecca,
                    P6B: Colour
                    P6C: Fiona
                    P6D: Cynthia, Christy, Uga
Introduction: This is the Chinese legend which tell us how the carp strive hard and
                        be brave.

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