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Macau Anglican College

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Taipa, Macau

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Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.


How do I enroll my child at MAC

To enrol your child for K1, you need to apply through a centralised online registration on the DSEDJ website, which opens early January each year. The school has an information night for prospective new K1 parents in the first week of January each year. K1 assessments take place in mid-March, and results are posted in late March. For mid-K1 to F6, admission is subject to vacancy and is done through direct application to MAC. Your child will need to sit and pass an English and Maths entrance exam.

What level of English skill does my child need to have, to be admitted to MAC?

MAC is an English-medium school. A good command of English on enrolment is important. K1 pupils are not required to speak English.

Do my parents need to be able to speak English?

Around 70% of our students are local Macau Chinese. We have teachers and administration staff who are Chinese speakers and can assist with translation for parents.

What is the minimum age for starting MAC?

Children must be 3 years old by 31 December in the year of K1 enrolment.

Is MAC a public or private school?

MAC is a private school in the government net of schools. Fees are payable in K1 and K2; and in F1–F6.

Can my child transfer to MAC from another local school?

Yes, subject to vacancy. You need to apply directly to the school and provide relevant school reports. An entrance exam is written in Math and English.

How important is my child's religious background?

MAC is a Christian school teaching Christian values. A student’s religious background does not affect an application. At MAC we include classes in Religious and Civic Education.

What subjects are compulsory

There are compulsory subjects in each year level. Students need to pass in English, Chinese and Maths in order to be promoted to the next year level.

How important are examinations at MAC?

MAC is a Cambridge institution offering international qualifications. Assessments and international examinations are part of the educational program. The internal examinations are also one of the criteria for promotion to the next year level.

Is there any examination in Kindergarten?

No, there is not, but there is formative assessment.

Is the school report recognised by overseas Universities?

The school report is recognised by local Macau universities only. Secondary students who are planning to study at an overseas university are strongly recommended to sit Cambridge public exams and achieve three A-levels in Form 6. Cambridge results are recognised by universities around the world – in the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, Germany, Portugal, and many others. In most cases, A-levels are essential for admission to an overseas university.

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