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Macau Anglican College

109-117 Avenida Padre Tomas Pereira
Taipa, Macau

Phone (853) 2885 0000
Fax (853) 2885 0022
Email [email protected]

Office hours
Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.


The school counsellors are staff of Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Work Coordination Office. There are dedicated, full-time staff for students in each section of our school – kindergarten, primary, and secondary.

Through collaborations between student counsellors, the school and our parents, the service prepares students to face each challenge in their growing process and to live a pleasant school life.

  • Case-based Counselling – the student counsellor utilises different approaches and intervention models to identify students in need at an early stage and provide professional counselling service in time.
  • Group activities – the student counsellor devises and launches various types of developmental and counselling activities to provide more development space and help them grow and develop healthily.

Our aim of service is stemmed from the ideology of H.A.N.D.S, which symbolizes the cooperation of school principals, teachers, schools, parents, and counsellors. The counsellors are like the thumb of a hand, moving with flexibility and initiative to establish effective collaborative relationships with other “fingers”. With the “H”elp and cooperation from the school, “A”cceptance from the teachers, “S”upport from parents, and “N”etwork of social resources by the counsellors, together we lead the “D”evelopment of potentials of the students and facilitate their healthy lifestyle.