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Macau Anglican College

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Taipa, Macau

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Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.

To inspire a new generation of learners to become successful and confident individuals.

Successful learners
Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
Contributors to Society

with enthusiasm and motivation for learning and a determination to reach high standards of achievement. Learners will be engaged, have openness to new thinking and ideas and be able to use literacy, communication and numeracy skills along with technology. They will think creatively, independently and as part of a group. Finally learners will make reasoned evaluations and link and apply different kinds of learning in new situations.

will develop self respect, a sense of physical mental and emotional wellbeing as well as secure values and beliefs along with ambition for the future. Learners will also be able to relate to others, manage themselves and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Furthermore learners will be self aware and reflective, develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world, live as independently as they can, assess risk and make informed decisions and achieve success in different areas of activity.

will develop respect for others and a commitment to participate responsibly in political, economic, social and cultural life. Learners will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of the world, and Macau Anglican College’s ecumenical place in it, along with an understanding of different beliefs and cultures, making informed choices and decisions, evaluating environmental, scientific and technological issues and develop informed, ethical views of complex issues.

who are enterprising, innovative, resilient and self reliant. Learners are also able to communicate in different ways and in different settings, work in partnership with teams, take the initiative and lead, apply critical thinking and new contexts along with the ability to create and develop and solve problems.

At Macau Anglican College, inspiring a new generation of learners to become successful and confident individuals is not just a talk. It’s our promise and we hold it dearly. When it comes to our promise to learners, we walk our talk and our talk talks, but most importantly, it’s our walk that talks more than our talk talks.”

– Mr Andrea Munoyenda (Head of Secondary Department)

Our school mission.

Maximising potential

Macau Anglican College embraces a multicultural, international ethos, and fosters respect for all cultures and faiths. Our teachers come from many countries around the world, and our student population effectively contributes to our ethnically diverse school. Through the teaching of the Cambridge curriculum, we encourage our students to have an international outlook for their future paths, while becoming responsible citizens.

The college has a child-centred approach and a focus on holistic learning. We create successful learners and confident individuals by celebrating individual achievements in academics, sport, music, visual and performing arts, community service, and volunteering. Our staff are encouraged and supported to enhance their skills through regular professional development activities.

We respect differing strengths and talents amongst our student cohort, and affirm the importance of differentiated teaching and learning within the classroom. Specialist staff provide additional learning support and adjustments for individual needs. The college promotes an ecumenical, positive and reflective attitude to learning, and respects learners of all abilities, from all backgrounds.