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MAC Career Development Program.

Aim of the Program
Support Services
For our Students

The program’s purpose is to assist students in self-understanding and career exploration, emphasizing the link between academic engagement and their life paths after MAC. We ask students to take ownership of the search process with the goal of finding the university that best fits their academic and career interests, geographic preference, and personal goals and aspirations.

To this end we offer group and individual higher education counselling and assistance with the application process. The program will also provide professional development opportunities for the students to develop and strengthen life skills that will help them lead well-balanced lives.

We know that each student has his or her own path and we strive to help them take ownership of the process and focus on what is best for them as they narrow their academic and university interests, prepare their applications, make their final decisions and transition to their chosen university.

The counsellor helps students identify further education opportunities that match their strengths and interests and provides support and advice in completing the necessary applications.

Our counsellor also:

  • conducts information sessions on university applications for different countries
  • advises students on international tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and others
  • arranges campus visits for university representatives
  • delivers workshops to prepare for the university application process (writing personal statements, decision making on course and university)
  • keep parents and students informed about secondary summer programs, university fairs and further education events
  • conducts talks on “life skills” such as knowing oneself, time management and others
  • coordinates the “Career Lunch Box Series” which features speakers that cover different topics
  • manages Unifrog, which is a complete destinations platform that allows students to search for opportunities and make applications for their next steps

Please keep an eye out on our Career Events page so you don’t miss the chance to talk to university representatives, learn from alumni and other speakers, and find out more about different professions and industries.

On our Resources Pageyou’ll find many excellent websites to help you with your university search as well as links to information on additional admissions tests, visas, scholarships, college essays and personal statements and much more.

We understand that students may want to utilize their summers with visits and programs at various university campuses at aspiring universities.  As such, we are constantly updating our External Events and Summer Programs page, which includes details of various courses, camps and sessions taking place both here in Macau and overseas.

Do check out our News and Articles page for interesting news and insightful opinion pieces in the Higher Education field, as well as to keep with MAC alumni.

Graduate Destinations

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