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The Parent School Association.

The Parent School Association (SKHPSA) was formed in November 2004 to increase interaction between parents and our school, to assist us in developing educational and fund raising activities, and give comments on and suggestions about the school’s environment, plan, management and organisation. It serves as a supporting role to school policies.

Membership of the Association is opened to all parents and teachers. Parents are asked to pay an annual membership fee (currently MOP 100 per child, MOP 150 per 2 children and MOP 200 for 3 siblings and more). Teachers are exempted from the fee. Fees are usually collected at the start of the year before the Annual General Meeting and many parents make an additional donation to the Association.

The Association is officially registered with the Government and money collected on behalf of the Association is handled through an Association Bank Account operated by any two of three office bearers’ signatures (Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer). Funds are derived from membership subscription, donations made during events and fund raising activities.

The Association has no paid staff and all money collected is used to buy extra books or equipment for the school or fund activities for the benefit of students and parents. Activities range from arranging trips and outings for students, to drama shows in the school, regular seminars for parents on parenting and educational enhancement skills. Extra equipment purchased for the school has included library books, sports equipment, and walkie-talkies for sports day and barbecue gas stove sets for use in the school.

Our school office staff collect mail on behalf of the Association and help with liaison. Contact SKHPSA through email at [email protected].

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting is held at the start of the new school year in the school hall. The Association Committee gives a report on the activities over the past year and presents the accounts. Every second year (2010, 2012 etc.) members are elected to form a Management Committee to run the Association and a Supervisory Committee to supervise the work of the Management Committee.

Management Committee

The Management Committee meets usually once a month at 7pm on a weekday in the school conference room. The meetings discuss matters of interest and planning for coming events. Minutes are kept. Up to 21 members can be elected to the Management Committee. Key office bearers are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The School Principal and Assistant Principal usually attend the meetings. It is desirable that the Secretary can read and write both English and Chinese to enhance liaison with expatriate staff and the majority of Chinese speaking parents. The minutes are kept in Chinese and English.

Supervisory Committee

Up to 7 members can be elected as members of the supervisory committee to supervise the work of the Management Committee and to audit the accounts. Members of the supervisory committee often take part in the Management Committee meetings. There are two office bearers, which are the Chairman and a Vice-Chairman.

Management Committee

Chairman: Anna Vong
Vice Chairman: Maria Fátima Pun
Secretary: Valentina Marques
Treasurer: Aurora Leong
Committee Member: Cham Cheng (Carol)
Committee Member: Che Ban Ban (Anita)
Committee Member: Cheong, Agnes
Committee Member: Cheong In Man (Collina)
Committee Member: Cheung, Candy
Committee Member: Chio, Peter
Committee Member: Lai, Angela
Committee Member: Lai, Viviana
Committee Member: Liang Shui Foon (Sue)
Committee Member: Lim Wai Li (Betty)
Committee Member: Liu, Tracy
Committee Member: Sumou Ingrid Karmane
Committee Member: Yuen, Janice
Committee Member: Robert Alexander
Committee Member: Zhou Yan (Boa)

Supervisory Committee

Chairman: Mien Lam
Vice Chairman: Helene Wong
Committee Member: Chau, Anna
Committee Member: Choi Pui Sze Pinky
Committee Member: Lai, Glenda
Committee Member: Lau, Cinzia
Committee Member: Leong, Katherine